The Full Dance

The Full Dance
The Full Dance

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dad is coming to town

News!  My Dad is coming to Port Townsend to live at Seaport Landing, a senior community.  It is beautiful and offers all the care he needs and will need... I hope!  Check it out - Seaport Landing . I looks nicer than it does in the picture.  I spent a day there, and think it will work well for Dad, but who knows?  Dad will be 94 8/21, and I just hope he is happy here.  We've been moving him about the country every year when it gets cold in an attempt to relocate him.  Hopefully, this move will be the last. 

I was trying to take pictures of two Bambi baby deer...
This guy was standing right behind me, munching away on the wild flowers.

I was a bit surprised when I turned around.  He could have cared less about me.

Port Townsend is home to more deer than a person could count.  One moseyed through the bank drive up one morning, and just kept on going.

                     We watched these two nutballs for our neighbors - they are hilarious!

I'm going now...

Monday, July 25, 2011

EGAD, She Lives!


I have fallen off the map for a number of years now, and thought it might be nice to try and reconnect with the great people in my life. I can't seem to get enthused about email anymore, so I thought I'd try a blog instead. Here goes!

The last three years have been about loss - the death of my Mom, Carl's sister and brother, and 7 other people in our lives in 18 months. Dad almost died twice this year, and is currently residing in a nursing home in Boston - a place he wishes to leave due to the exorbitant amount of money it costs ($11,000 per month...) Claire and I are up to our ears in alligators trying to find a suitable place for him near one of us that is not too expensive and has a number of male residents - AAARRRGGGHHH. We have been at it for 8 months, and are no closer now, except that we are much clearer on what goes on and how to look, what questions to ask, etc.

The new baby horse is a filly - and what a hot little ticket she is! I don't know that there will be anything to do with her but race her - she is so tough and headstrong - even as a little one.

We still take care of 15 horses, a very time consuming task, but one of love. All the horses are in great health except one - she is old and we are trying very hard to get some weight on her.

I have a place in Port Townsend that is sweet. I had a job at the Bank of America, but my body couldn't handle the repetitive motion, so I am again unemployed - lovely.

Anyway, here's the first installment of my attempt to catch up with you.

Forgive my disappearance - I couldn't handle any more than I had on my plate.